About Me


I like to design stuff and learn things as I do it. I’m always curious about new technology and the direction of innovation, especially in the realm of UX. Lately, my focus has been on interactive narratives and virtual reality projects.

I spend a lot of time evaluating user experiences of all shapes and sizes. My work often requires me to synthesize creative materials and design complex user flows. I do this across a range of mediums and platforms (apps, games, mobile, web, VR, AR, etc).

Sometimes I teach workshops and seminars about digital storytelling, both locally (NYC) and abroad. I also do talks at festivals and conferences. We should chat if that’s something you’re interested in. I stay current by attending meetups, hackathons and conferences on topics relating to emerging technology and I try to take an active part in its community of makers.

Some enterprise applications I’ve worked on have been for Fisher International (see Business Intelligence web app) and for a provider of ethics & compliance training (see this project or this one). I’ve also worked with smaller businesses like DemandByte, designing their overall look and feel as well as their B2B software like Premier Marketing Portal.

User research is a huge part of my design process. Upon request, you can check out my white paper for Estee Lauder Companies, The State of Live Chat.” 

I am one of the founding members of ImagiRation, a company that develops interactive educational puzzles for kids. We currently have two products out in market. MITA is our early-intervention application for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). POOZA is our brain-training app designed to improve kids’ cognitive development and visual & spatial processing. I led the UX design efforts for both projects, collaborating with designers, developers, researchers & parents, and testing along the way with some cute user testers ages 2-10.

Sometimes I collaborate with creative agencies like Base, Code & Theory and THAT. These studios have given me the opportunity to work with major brands designing their digital products (apps, websites, interactive videos, etc). Walmart Toy Lab, Barbie DreamFloor and Le Pain Quotidien are just a couple of them – I’ve got other ones I’m afraid I can’t tell you about.

I have a Master’s degree in Interaction Design from ITP at NYU, and a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Boston University.

Then there’s other stuff too. You can check out a small part of my work, or we can schedule a time to chatI’m based in Brooklyn, NYC and am a strong advocate for working with remote teams. I’d be happy to talk more about my experiences with work and non-work related projects.

Get in touch:

lokshinlisa at gmail dot com

(yes, it is missing an “a” in the last name. Long story.)