About Me


I like to design stuff and learn things as I do it. I’m curious about emerging tech and advocate for strong UX regardless of novelty or medium. Lately, my focus has been on interactive narratives and XR projects.

I lead design teams, large and small, and spend time evaluating user experiences of all shapes and sizes. My work requires me to synthesize creative materials, mediate between inter-disciplinary teams, develop complex user flows, and design intuitive interfaces. I do this across a range of platforms, devices, and mediums (apps, games, mobile, web, VR, AR, etc).

Some projects in the immersive tech space include this art studio tour in VR, this interactive volumetric video project for e-commerce, or this AR quest for kids. I’m also passionate about digital heritage and have created tons of photogrammetry scans of artifacts from around the world.  

I’ve worked on many enterprise apps throughout my career. This includes projects for Fisher International (see Business Intelligence web app), as well as a top provider of ethics & compliance training (see this project, or this one). I’ve also worked with research facilities like MCR Labs and Zera Hemp Labs, designing everything from complex portals and dashboards, to service design, to conventional marketing websites.

Sometimes I teach workshops about digital storytelling or hold talks at festivals and conferences (both locally and abroad). We should chat if that’s something you’re interested in.

I designed the course “UX Design for XR” and am teaching it to grad students at NYIT. I stay current by attending meetups, hackathons, and conferences on topics related to emerging technology and I try to take an active part in its community of makers.

I often collaborate with creative agencies like Base, BUCK, Code & Theory, Particle3, MediaCombo, Eko, Gallagher & Associates, THAT, and more. I’ve worked with these and other studios to design digital products for major brands, cultural institutions, and Fortune 20/50/100 companies. Walmart Toy Lab, Barbie DreamFloor and Le Pain Quotidien are just a couple of examples. I’ve got many others I’m afraid I can’t tell you about.

I’m also the co-founder of the L3A Studio. If you need to scale to a team of some of the best UX designers out there, get in touch

I have a Master’s degree in Interaction Design from ITP at NYU, and a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Boston University.

Then there’s other stuff too. Check out a small part of my work, or schedule a time to chatI’m based in Brooklyn, NY. 

UX Strategy, Research, & Design

Collaborators & Clients
Comcast, BUCK, Buzzfeed, Eko, Estee Lauder Companies, Gallagher & Associates, Mattel, MCR Labs, Netflix, Particle 3, Pollock and Krasner House, Walmart, Xbox, & more

Telly Awards, Digiday Awards, Best VR: New Media Film Fest, AWE Auggie Award, Webby Awards, Gold W3 Award 

AWE, CanUX, Creative Tech Week, VRTO, Uxify,  Unlock Prague, Future of Education Technology Conference, ARKIT Meetup