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Project Description

Industry employees now expect the same high-level experiences from their enterprise applications as they do of consumer products.

As a designer, working with clients from a non-tech industry brings on a unique set of challenges, from advocating for user research, to finding a place for design and user-centric patterns in an environment that was founded on engineering-based, waterfall mentality.

This particular project was a complex, multi-year, top-down redesign for a client facing, business-intelligence application for the paper and pulp industry. Each user has a different level of subscription & data access, in addition to varying levels of knowledge, engagement, and desired goals and tasks when interacting with the application.

The redesign required an extensive dive into understanding users from all levels of the paper industry, from executives and managers, to sales people, to those working in the field.

The redesign of the user experience and interface required simplifying and resolving the complexity of the product without limiting its capabilities and sophistication. Simplicity was key during the redesign, but so was keeping the application powerful and capable of performing heavy-duty processing analysis and computing tasks.

When all was said and done, our team created a soup-to-nuts solution that included:

  • Industry-wide research
  • One-stop access to financial analysis tools
  • Benchmarking tools
  • What-if scenario tools
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Mapping and graphing tools
  • Robust set of database query features

The total overhaul of the legacy application included redefining the user experience from what was a decade old, engineer-centric PC, desktop software to a friendly and modern browser environment for both desktops and tablets.

Client:  Fisher International

Role:  Lead User Experience Designer

Technology:  Balsamiq, Omnigraffle, Adobe Creative Suite

Project Contribution:

Design Team Lead

Led a team of UX and Visual designers to redefine the user experience of the entire application. Pioneered design thinking as a strategic tool for the redesign process.


UX Strategy

Worked with stakeholders to define the foundation for the redesign efforts, defining business objectives while advocating for user-centric design practices.


Information Architect

Re-engineered the information architecture and content structures through extensive application maps, diagrams and flows.

Visual Design Lead

Managed a team of visual designers to fully redesign the user interface, with a focus on maximizing usability.

Sample artifacts & documentation:

Application screenshot:

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