Cannabis research web platform

Client: Big Brain Cannabis
Role: Lead User Experience Designer / Art Director
Technology: Balsamiq, Adobe Creative Suite, Figma
Launch Project:

Project Description

More than two-thirds of US states have legalized cannabis for medical use. Extensive research exists on the potential value of cannabis, from treating severe forms of epilepsy, to managing painful side-effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments, to helping reduce anxiety and manage insomnia.

Yet while many people are using cannabis to treat various ailments, there hasn’t been a unified, comprehensive place to turn for science-backed information. There’s an overwhelming amount of cannabis products on the market. Which products should be used for which conditions? How much product should you use, and what’s the proper dosing? Which cannabis compounds (known as cannabinoids) should be used, and which should be avoided?

Sample Deliverables

Big Brain Cannabis homepage
Big Brain Cannabis search results