Site redesign for research laboratory

Client: MCR Labs

Role: Lead User Experience Designer / Information Architect, Art Direction 

Technology: Balsamiq, Omnigraffle, Adobe Creative Suite

Launch Project:

Project Description

My studio’s extensive collaboration with a leading cannabis research laboratory led us to redesign their multi-state and HQ websites.

This included a complete overhaul of their marketing site, including: 

  • Information Architecture
  • Navigation
  • Accessibility
  • Art Direction & Visual design

Part of the task was incorporating the company’s new brand ethos while aligning with the needs of a variety of users, including existing and potential clients, as well as the admin, technicians, and content creators at the laboratory.   

Project Contribution:

Content strategy

Established the foundation for a new digital strategy for MCR Labs that aligned with the company’s brand identity.

User flows / User scenarios

Identified user and business objectives and created flows to ensure the new site was able to achieve both parties’ goals. Conducted user and stake holder interviews to inform designs. 

Information Architecture

Created the structural design of site content. Designed content schemes and information structures, features and functionality. Designed site maps and diagrams to reflect content hierarchy and features.



Designed a comprehensive  full set of project wireframes. This deliverable was used to finalize decisions between all team members, including designers, developers, and stakeholders.

Reports & Analysis

Created content modules to support visual designers in designing a variety of visual layouts and templates. Created content-types list to assist developers in building an effective, sustainable CMS that allows MCR Labs to support a scalable, responsive site. 

Sample Deliverables