Lean Design for Communications Tool MVP

Client: NDA-protected client

Role: Senior UX Strategist & Designer

Technology: Balsamiq, Adobe Creative Suite, Omnigraffle, Jira


Project Description

This client identified a need for a communications tool in their industry but wanted to test their assumptions before allocating loads of resources towards the project.

Using a Lean UX design process, our design team led the effort to help this client define their minimal viable product needs. We then designed an MVP that could be released and tested fast. The goal was to be first-to-market with an innovative yet simple product that could be used to solicit feedback to make quick decisions.  

To start, my team conducted focus groups and interviews with stakeholders and target audiences. This research allowed us to narrow in on the product further and establish concrete user needs in order to develop the UX strategy for the MVP.

Our final deliverable was a fully-fledged prototype which we were able to test with real users during our usability test sessions. The feedback was incorporated into our final designs for that development cycle.

Working with the development team, we addressed data challenges on the backend to ensure that the designs were implementable and delivered on time. The project required a great level of collaboration with the entire team.

This project is ongoing, so I can’t give specific details. I’d be happy to discuss how this approach might apply to your products and business needs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.