Premier Marketing Portal

Project Description

Premier Marketing Portal (PMP) is a web application that allows users to send and manage email marketing campaigns without having to go through the heavy-duty Eloqua marketing system. DemandByte came to me to redesign the look and feel of the PMP application in addition to guiding them in rethinking and improving PMPs usability.

The application provides easy-to-use metrics that allows managers to assess the success of their email campaigns. One of our priorities was making sure that stakeholders were getting more than just a pretty visualization – we wanted data to be presented in a way that was relevant and meaningful.

Working with the developers, I created a custom design for interactive gauges that allowed users to quickly digest the success of their email campaigns in one quick glance.

Client: DemandByte

Role: User Experience Designer, User Interface Designer

Technology: Balsamiq, Omnigraffle, Adobe Creative Suite

Application screenshot:

Sample Documentation: