Virtual production for fashion e-commerce

Project Brief

Develop a mobile app that showcases volumetric-video capture with digital garments for e-commerce fashion campaigns.

Client: Particle3, Eko

Discovery & Research, Concept Development, User Experience Design

Technology: Mobile app, interactive video, volumetric capture, machine learning, AI 

The Challenge

Customers return an estimated 40% of what they buy online, mostly because of misconceptions about size, style, and fit. Online shoppers need a better sense of how garments look to avoid false expectations and make confident purchase decisions.

One way retailers can help shoppers is by providing dynamic visuals of their collections. Yet fashion film shoots are notoriously expensive.

Working with top industry experts, we designed a mobile app that uses volumetric capture, digital clothes, and interactive video to showcase the benefits of virtual production to fashion retailers.

The benefits of virtual production

Virtual production allows a single volumetric shoot to be used over and over across multiple fashion campaigns. You can shoot the model once in various poses and at all angles, then add digital clothing in post-production.

For this project, fashion models were filmed using a 3D-capture camera rig. Digital garments were then rendered on top of the models:

Images c/o Particle3

With this method of production, retailers can create reusable assets and reduce production costs over time.


For this project, I conceptualized and designed the UX of the application. The goal was to showcase the benefits of a virtual production pipeline while designing a unique and satisfying shopping experience for end-users.

This included producing discovery and research documentation, concept development, and designing the application architecture, user flows, and wireframes.

The Experience

We designed a self-contained experience that features inspirational looks for a “First Date” fashion campaign. Shoppers can select a model based on body type, browse styles, view individual garments, and make purchases.

Key features of the app included:

  • View interactive videos of how garments drape and move with the wearer
  • Change colors and patterns on the fly in video displays of garments
  • Choose the viewing angle of garments
  • Instantly see models of different sizes wearing the same garment

Sample Documentation:

Volumetric Fashion - Sample documentation